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Gingival Bleeding

Gum bleeding is one of the main health problems in societies.

Gingival bleeding is the most obvious indicator of gum disease. So why do our gums bleed? If there is an infection somewhere, the defense mechanism of our body expands the vessels there and causes more defense cells to flow to that area.

Gum | Gingival Disease

Gum disease is an inflammatory disease mostly caused by bacterial plaque and tartar on the teeth. Among the symptoms of gum disease, we can mention redness of the gums, swelling, bad breath, bleeding in the gums, displacement of the teeth and gum recession.

Dişeti Çekilmesi

Gingival Recession

The gums are protective barriers on the teeth.

Gingival recession is more common, especially in people with thin gums. Apart from this, gingival recessions, are caused by tartar accumulation, excessive tooth clenching habit, hard and faulty tooth brushing, activation of the gum by the lip and cheek muscle ligaments and excessive forces seen during orthodontic treatment. In individuals with gingival recession, sensitivity to hot and cold, decays on the exposed root surface and aesthetic problems can be seen.

Scaling And Root Planning

Regular tartar cleaning is an indispensable requirement for a healthy and sustainable oral health. At the same time, the first step of treatment in gum diseases is tartar cleaning.

Diş Taşı Temizliği

Gingival Treatment With Laser

One of the biggest risks for general oral and body health is gum diseases that can be a source of inflammation in the body. With laser technology, it is possible to perform advanced gum treatments without the need for incision and stitches by removing the factors that disrupt tissue biology.

Pink (Gingival) Aesthetic

Our smile is one of the most characteristic features of our personality. In order to be able to talk about a smile design that provides a real oral and dental aesthetics, it is necessary to obtain an image of healthy gums that are compatible and symmetrical with lips and teeth.


The color and tissue structure of the gums are as important as the harmony and symmetry of the lips and teeth. Healthy gums are pink in color and in the consistency of an orange peel texture. It is possible to bring the dark and purple discolorations of the gums to a healthy tissue color and consistency with Er: YAG laser.

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