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Herpes Lesions

Herpes on the lips and face can cause restriction in social life and discomfort in terms of aesthetics.

In our daily life, many of us are often suffering from herpes. Once the Herpes Simplex Type-1 virus enters the body, it gets active whenever our immune system is weakened.


Aphthous lesions, popularly known as mouth sores, are actually mouth ulcers characterized by painful itching and burning sensation. The most common forms are minor aphthae smaller than 1 cm, characterized by an inner white part.

Liken Planus (Lichen Planus)

Lichen Planus

It is characterized by fish scale-like white spots in the mouth, mostly on the bilateral cheek areas. Lichen Planus is a chronic skin condition. If neglected, it can turn into malignant lesions. It should be evaluated by both a dentist and a dermatologist. Therefore, early diagnosis and treatment is very important.


Hemangiomas, especially in the visible part of the lip, negatively affect the patient’s look. These lesions can be easily treated with laser.

Hemanjiom | Damar Beni
Ağız Mantarları

Oral Fungal Diseases

Mouth fungus, which occurs in young children and babies, is rarely seen in adult individuals. They are white colored lesions that occur on the inner surfaces of the cheeks, gums and tongue edges.

Oral Cancers

Oral cancers are cancers seen both in the oral cavity and in the area we call the oropharynx, located at the back of the mouth. These cancers can be located in the tongue, teeth, gums, bones, behind the throat and tongue, which we call the oropharynx, as well as in the lips.

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