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One of the biggest risks for general oral and body health is gum diseases that can be a source of inflammation in the body. With laser technology, it is possible to perform advanced gum treatments without the need for incision and stitches by removing the factors that disrupt tissue biology.

“Performing your treatments at the right time in gum diseases means saving your teeth.”

Depending on the severity and stage of gum disease, the treatment method to be applied also varies.

In the first stage, which manifests itself with gum bleeding where there has not been a decrease in bone level yet, only tartar cleaning may be sufficient for treatment.

If treatment is not done at the first stage, bone resorption begins. Then only dental calculus cleaning is not enough. It is also necessary to deeply clean the teeth and surrounding tissues under the gums. After this cleaning (Laser Subgingival Curettage), individuals can get a long-lasting treatment result if they follow the dental cleaning recommendations of the dentist who treats the gums.

If the necessary treatment is not done in the second stage, bone resorption continues in the surrounding tissues of the tooth at an angle to the tooth. At this stage, it is necessary to renew the melting bone around the tooth. In classical treatments, in this case, it is aimed to create a bone around the tooth with artificial bone materials by applying a surgical procedure called “Flap operation”. Today, modern periodontology gives up surgical methods and recommends non-invasive periodontal treatments.

Among the non-invasive periodontal treatments (non-invasive periodontal treatments), the WPT technique has gained importance with successful results.

In laser gum treatments performed by applying double wavelength “WPT technique”, all foreign materials and tissues around the tooth are cleaned with Er:YAG laser without invasive surgical procedures. Thus, the natural state of tissue biology is provided, and the blood that fills the cavity of the bone that melts angularly around the tooth is stimulated with Nd:YAG laser to clot, and the body is enabled to form bone and other healthy tissues by transforming the clot. Thus, there is no need for advanced surgical procedures and foreign materials such as bone dust.

What are the Advantages of Using Laser in Periodontal Treatments Compared to Traditional Treatment Methods?

-The duration of gum treatments with laser is shorter

– After the laser treatment, comfort is at the highest level and pain is at a minimum level

– After laser treatments, bleeding is minimal, no swelling or bruising occurs, and there is a rapid recovery period for the patient (The return to social life is fast)

– Gingival recessions due to trauma caused by traditional hand tools are not seen in laser treatments

– Tooth sensitivity is less after gum treatments with laser

– After the gum treatments performed with laser, there is no aesthetic change in the patient’s smile (damage to the gums, burning, etc.)

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