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Biological & Holistic dentistry is based on the use of the body’s self-healing capacity and the use of minimum  or no foreign materials in dental treatments. It is the healthiest and most biological approach to use autogenous tissues taken from the mouth to repair the tissues loss due to infection or trauma in the mouth. When these autogenous tissues are not used, the most compatible materials with body biology should be preferred to repair the lost tissues.

Antialerjik Diş Hekimliği

Anti-Allergic Dentistry

Many of the materials used in dentistry contain metal and metal alloys.

Today, the use of non-allergenic materials with high biocompatibility has increased for people with metal allergy. Among these biocompatible materials are zirconium implants, zirconium ceramics, glass ceramics, biohpp and visiolign composite materials (in implant solutions).

Metal-Free Dentistry

Metal usage in the mouth is gradually decreasing with the developing technologies and aesthetic expectations.

The production of biocompatible materials is also becoming more and more common. In this way, it is possible to provide patients with natural smiles while preserving their health by making biocompatible restorations.

Bio HPP | Metalsiz Diş Hekimliği
Amalgam Dolgu Sökümü

Amalgam Filling Removal

“Healthy and Biological Dentistry with Preventive Procedures”

All amalgam restorations (gray fillings) contain 50% mercury and mercury vapor is released during chewing, brushing, clenching and cleaning. However, most of the mercury vapor is also released while making amalgam fillings and removing them.

Zirconium Implants

Zirconium implants are compatible with bone and tooth color. Even in individuals with extremely thin gums they are not likely to reflect the metal color. It is a 100% natural material. It reduces the need for bone augmentation.

Zirkonyum implant
Bio HPP | Metalsiz Diş Hekimliği


Due to tooth loss at an early age, bone melting can occur, and the prostheses made have a large volume capable of replacing both lost teeth and gums. Thanks to the BioHPP material, light-weighted prostheses can be produced as if they do not exist in the mouth despite their large volume.

Prf | Prp Treatments

PRF contains growth cells obtained from our own blood. Thus, it is the process of increasing the formation of new tissue without the use of a non-biological material. After teeth extractions, it provides more bones and gums tissue to be used in the extraction site. It increases the success of the implant treatment to be applied to this area in the next steps.

Low Dose Laser Treatments (Lllt)

This form of treatment, which covers a significant part of all laser academic studies, is successfully used in the treatment of many issues.

Autogenous Graft / Biological Tissue Repair

Autogenous graft is a piece of tissue taken from the patient in case of tissue deficiencies. In this way, it can easily adapt to the placed area. In case of bone deficiency, bone grafts taken from certain parts of the jaw to repair this area can be repaired before or during the implant surgery.

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