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Laser is used beneficially in different areas in implant treatments.


Root Canal Treatment

In the root of the tooth, there are small canals and deltas next to the main canals. Most of the problems with teeth are caused by these canals not being cleaned well.


Gum / Gingival Treatment

In gum treatments performed with laser, all foreign materials and tissues around the tooth are cleaned without interventional surgical procedures. The natural state of tissue biology is provided. The laser stimulates coagulation of the blood that fills the cavity of the angularly dissolving bone around the tooth and the body is enabled to form bone by transforming the clot. Thus, there is no need to perform advanced surgical procedures and there is no need to use foreign materials such as bone dust from the outside.


Children Dentistry

Our children are our most valuable assets. Failure to treat them on time due to fear may cause them to have lifelong health problems. Considering that even adults avoid dental treatment due to fear, we can understand the children’s desire to avoid treatment when classical methods are used.

It is possible to perform dental treatment even for very young children without the need for general anesthesia, especially by performing procedures such as caries removal more comfortably with laser and by communicating correctly with children.


Surgical Treatments

The laser is used in all kinds of bone and soft tissue surgery procedures to increase the success of the treatment and to reduce the complications that may occur after the procedure.

Uses of laser technology in surgery:


Herpes | Aphtae Treatments

Soft tissue lasers (Nd: YAG Laser and Diode Laser) are effective in the treatment of herpes, in varying amounts depending on the stage of the disease, but are absolutely effective. In the initial phase, the problem quickly passes before the blister (blistering) phase, if the blister is formed, the pain passes immediately and the treatment is accelerated.

Most importantly, the herpes virus (cold sores) does not reappear in the same area, and the frequency of herpes in the person decreases and cannot be removed over time.

Its application is short, painless and effective immediately.


Dental Sensitivity Treatment

Although there is no decay in the teeth, in some cases, advanced sensitivity may occur in the areas close to the gum. This situation can be so uncomfortable that sometimes people even breathe uncomfortably.

The sensitivity that occurs can sometimes be on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. If the problem is in the gum area, it is gum disease and gum recession, or it is mostly wear and trauma due to excessive tooth clenching in both areas. Although the main treatment is to eliminate these factors, laser applications applied to these areas with the correct technique and correct doses increase the comfort in life of the person.

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