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Our main goal is to keep your natural teeth. However, even when a single tooth is extracted, the natural balance is disrupted and the loss of teeth accelerates. In such cases, implants are a very special solution that provides the closest balance of force to your own teeth, allowing you to laugh beautifully and to eat with pleasure.

Implant Treatments

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots usually made of titanium or titanium compounds to replace the missing teeth.

Immediate Implant | Instant Teeth

Nowadays, our teeth play an extremely important role both from an aesthetic and functional point of view. For this reason, our priority should always be to keep our own teeth in our mouth.

However, if our teeth need to be extracted, placing implants will be the best option.

Fast & Fixed

Same day Implant


With the Fast & Fixed method, if you do not have any teeth or your existing teeth will be extracted, implants are placed on the day your teeth are extracted and you can have (temporary) fixed teeth on the same day.

All on Four | Six

One of the main reasons why many people experiencing tooth loss (either because they have no teeth left or because of teeth extractions) cannot find a solution to this situation is the lack of time. All on four / six techniques offer an excellent solution to this problem.

Implant with Laser

The use of laser in dentistry develops day by day by increasing its benefits and usage areas. Although soft tissue lasers, Diode lasers and Nd: YAG lasers are widely used,

Er: YAG (hard tissue) lasers offer very important advantages and treatment success, especially in implant surgery and hard tissue (bone and tooth) operations.

Seamless Implant

Implant applications performed without cutting gums and stitching are called “Seamless Implants”.

Rehberli | Guided İmplant

Guided Implantology

In guided implantology, the 3-dimensional volumetric tomography image and intraoral measurements of the person to be implanted are taken, and the implants are placed in the appropriate bone points according to the guide program.

Implant Treatment In Bone Insufficiency

In order to make healthy implant-supported teeth, implants should be held by at least 1 mm of tissues all around them. Therefore, sufficient width and length of bone support is needed to make long-lasting implants.

Otojen Greftler | Biyolojik Doku Onarımı

Sinus Lifting


Sinuses are air spaces in the upper jaw above the posterior molars. Overtime, after extraction of teeth under the sinuses, which are a functional organ, bone underneath may resorb, making it difficult to insert the implant in this area. Therefore, sinus operations that need to be performed require high precision and experience of the physician.

Implant In Systemic Diseases

‘‘It should not be forgotten; Body’s systemic health is most important. The overall health is more important than anything else. “

Sistemik Hastalıklarda İmplant

Implant Supported Prostheses

Teeth play an essential role in people’s quality of life. The main purpose of implants is enabling people to have high quality, functional and aesthetic teeth to be used when original teeth are lost.

Periimplantitis | Implant Inflammation

When implants are first made, the purpose is to be long-lasting and healthy use. The main reasons of periimplantitis are: wrong material selection, not performing appropriate / planned surgical procedures, mistakes in prosthesis planning, and most of all- insufficient cleaning and maintenance procedures.As a result of these situations, inflammation and bone loss may occur around the implant.

Periimplantitis | İmplant İltihabı Tedavisi

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