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Bebeklerde İlk Diş Muayenesi

First Dental Examination

The first dentist examination is recommended after the first deciduous tooth is removed (usually between 6 months and 1 year old). It is very important for children to meet the dentist in a fun game environment without feeling pain and to be able to go to the dentist comfortably throughout their life.

Oral And Dental Health In Babies And Children

The foundations of oral dental health are laid in childhood. Preventive methods and physician examination are important in the period of deciduous dentition.

Dental Pain And Treatment In Children

Although milk teeth look like tiny copies of permanent teeth, they have important structural differences. The hard layer of milk teeth, which we call enamel, outside of our teeth, is much softer than permanent teeth and can decay much faster.

Laser Treatment

For a healthy development, if decay is detected in the milk teeth, it must be treated with fillings. Comfortable treatment methods that have developed in recent years do not allow “fear” in patients.

Guided Anesthesia

The WAND (Computer-controlled local anesthesia) system provides anesthesia for children without fear of needles and quality and successful dental treatments can be performed as desired.

Emergency Response And Trauma

One of the most distressing situations for children and their families is when the child’s tooth is broken, partially or completely displaced due to dental trauma

Acil Müdahale ve Travma

Dental Health During Pregnancy

Before a planned pregnancy, control and treatment of oral and dental health should play an important role. 

For problems encountered during pregnancy, support should be obtained from an experienced physician, and if treatment is necessary, it should be preferred especially in the second period between 3-6 months.

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