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Çocuklarda Ortodonti

Children Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment process in children is generally known as the 11-12 age period.

Many orthodontic treatments are also performed at this age. However, the correct approach is when the deciduous teeth begin to fall, that is, at the age of 7, children should definitely meet an orthodontist and have their first orthodontic examination.

Orthodontics In Adults

There is still a misconception that orthodontic treatment cannot be realized in post-childhood periods.

Apart from some special cases related to the development of jaw bones (skeletal) (These cases can also be treated in combination with orthognathic surgery method at advanced ages.) Almost all problems related to tooth crowding can be treated with adult orthodontic treatment.

Transparent Plaques | Invisalign

Transparent plaques carry out the tooth activation process. This is done with brackets in orthodontic treatment, by wrapping the tooth in 3 dimensions and are faster and more comfortable.

Dental Braces

In orthodontic treatment, it is necessary to get support from some points in order to activate the teeth. We provide this with brackets and rings placed on the teeth. By directing the braces from these support points, the teeth are directed and positioned.

Lingual Orthodontics

An option to meet aesthetic demands in orthodontics is lingual orthodontics.

Metal brackets produced in the personal laboratory are attached to the invisible tongue and palate surface of the teeth. Disorders in your teeth are fixed without anyone noticing.

Orthognatic Surgery

When patients with skeletal jaw problems contact us and have passed the growth-developmental age, it is not possible to correct the jaws with orthodontic / orthopedic appliances. In such cases, orthognathic surgery along with orthodontic treatment can be considered as an option.

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