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Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction should be the dentist’s last alternative.

However, if it is really necessary to pull the tooth, our main goal is to pull the tooth with a protective approach to the surrounding tissues. This is achieved using techniques that will support the bone formation and the gingival tissues surrounding the bone by ensuring the formation of healthy and sufficient tissue that will support us in the future irrespective of  implants or other dental applications.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are usually impacted due to their position in the jawbone and their covering with gums or bones.

In cases where a part of the tooth is covered with gums often infection with consequent facial swelling and decrease in jaw opening occur. As a result of repeated infections, the bone around the wisdom teeth begins to melt and inflamed tissue occurs instead.

Gömülü 20 Yaş Diş Çekimi

Root Tip | Apical Resection

Dental roots differ anatomically from person to person. Some people may have lateral root canals or delta spaces that root canal tools cannot reach.

Dental Cyst

They are pathogenic tissues that form at the root tip of the teeth or any part of the jaw in the form of a sac. Before the treatment, it is absolutely necessary to take three-dimensional imaging (DVT) to determine the borders exactly and to make a radiological preliminary diagnosis.

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