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The use of laser in dentistry develops day by day by increasing its benefits and usage areas. Although soft tissue lasers, Diode lasers and Nd: YAG lasers are widely used, Er: YAG (hard tissue) lasers offer very important advantages and treatment success, especially in implant surgery and hard tissue (bone and tooth) operations.

Er: YAG (hard tissue) lasers are beneficially used in different areas for implant treatment.

1) In Seamless / Guided Implant Applications:

It provides an advantage in terms of gaining tissue by opening and directing the gum tissue. In this way, the implant is applied without cutting, bleeding, impaired tissue blood supply and with minimum pain. In addition, it reduces the risk of new infections by providing disinfection in all tissues it comes into contact with.

2) Immediate Implant Applications by Cleaning the Infection After Teeth Extraction:

Even teeth that normally require waiting due to infection, laser cleaning can be done and implant can be placed immediately after the extraction. It also reduces the risk of post-operative complications in cases where there is no infection.

3) In Implant Applications On Which Fixed Teeth Will Be Made Immediately:

It increases the success rate in the integration of the implant to the bone.

4) In Case of Bone Deficiencies in Preparing Tissue Before Bone Addition:

It increases the success in new bone formation by providing safe cleaning of the infected tissues and disinfection of the remaining bone tissue.

5) In the Treatment of Periimplantitis Treatment:

Laser is the best known tool for  implant and bone surface cleaning and disinfection in the treatment of infections on the implant surfaces and post-bone resorption. Thanks to the laser, the implant surface almost regains its original surface structure becoming treatable.

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