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When implants are first made, the purpose is to be long-lasting and healthy use. The main reasons of periimplantitis are: wrong material selection, not performing appropriate / planned surgical procedures, mistakes in prosthesis planning, and most of all- insufficient cleaning and maintenance procedures.As a result of these situations, inflammation and bone loss may occur around the implant.

It is possible to treat inflammation in the surrounding tissues of the implant. Treatment varies according to the amount of tissue loss that has occurred. In some cases, cleaning the gums and bone tissue directly with laser without opening at all may be sufficient for the treatment, while in some cases, the gum tissue can be opened with a small laser intervention and can be cleaned with no other tools and new bone formation can be achieved. In this treatment, it will be especially appropriate to use an ER: YAG hard tissue laser.

“During the treatment of implant inflammation, the most successful method used to bring the implant surface closest to its original structure without damaging the implant is surface cleaning with ER: YAG Laser and SWEEPS technology.”

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