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Teeth that have undergone root canal treatment become more fragile as a result of the loss of fluid and dense material in the tooth due to the removal of the infected nerve tissue in the root. In such cases, it is important to get support from the root of the tooth with fiber post systems in order to both regain function and to remain in the mouth successfully in the long term while the upper structure of the tooth is being made.

In the past, wire, stainless steel screws and pins were preferred to get support from the root of the tooth, but today fiber posts are preferred, which can be applied more easily and more aesthetically pleasing to dental tissues. With this system, the weakening of the root of the tooth is prevented and maximum support is obtained from the root of the tooth.

Successful results are obtained with the application of fiber post systems in order to ensure that the remaining root structure is more robust, to replace excessive loss of material, to provide an aesthetic appearance and to restore the old appearance of the teeth in the front region as soon as possible.

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