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Inlay / Onlay / Overlay applications are the modern solution of bringing decaying teeth or teeth with a lot of substance loss after root canal treatment to their original shape and resistance.

It is possible to produce this process digitally, in a computer environment, in the closest way to the natural tooth and in just one day, by taking precise measurements with intraoral scanning devices.

Teeth that have undergone root canal treatment lose their basic support tissues. In teeth with advanced material loss, it is possible for the fillings in the mouth to decay and break repeatedly due to the gap between the filling and the tooth. In these teeth, the exact digital measurements are taken by scanning in a very short time with intraoral camera system. Materials with the closest flexibility to the dental tissue are digitally fabricated , these are close to the original and cannot be distinguished from the natural tooth. Afterwards, it is glued with special bonding materials so that no gap is left between the tooth and filling material. Thus, the risk of re-decay is minimized since there is no leakage area under the filling.

Digital dentistry allows us to provide fast and high quality solutions every day, as it enables taking high-quality impressions from the mouth in a short time and the use of three-dimensional printer and engraving systems technology.

In the Laser Bio Dentistry Concept, it is possible to extend the life of the teeth by preventing the risk of caries under the filling materials when the tooth surfaces are disinfected with laser before the inlays, onlays and overlays are attached.

“It should not be forgotten that every tooth decay and infection in the mouth environment is an important risk for our body health!”

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