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Snoring is a social problem that often causes problems in your immediate environment. It also affects the sleep quality, causing the person to feel sleepless and tired during the day.

Snoring is the disturbing sound caused by the shaking of the soft tissues as the air passes through the upper respiratory tract during breathing. The intensity of the sound generated varies depending on how narrow the airways are and the age, weight and sleeping position.

Snoring is one of the main symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Sleep apnea is characterized by one or more breathing interruptions while sleeping. It leads to many health problems such as attention deficit, extreme irritability, forgetfulness and in later cases – heart disease.

In the treatment of snoring, the dentist works in coordination with the otolaryngologist to evaluate the factors that cause snoring determining the treatment option needed by the patient.

Treatment options for snoring, are intraoral snoring appliances, CPAP masks, surgical interventions and the Nightlase Laser applications. These have been very effective recently, especially in America and many other countries.

In the treatment of snoring with laser, the use of laser energy makes the soft tissues in the palatal area causing snoring tighter hence widening the respiratory tract.

Laser energy tightens the tissue by stretching the collagen fibers in soft tissues with a thermal effect.

Nightlase snoring treatment in only three sessions is applied to mucosal and mobile soft tissues surrounding the pharynx area without even an injection, gives very successful results.

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