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As it is known, dentistry is a field of medical service that requires following science and technology closely. To be able to provide accurate and up-to-date service to patients, it is necessary to follow new information, invest in technology and establish a good team that complements each other. Medicadent started to render its services with its Kadıköy clinic in 1988; and with the Batı Ataşehir Clinic opened in 2014, it has gained the identity of an international training clinic. 

As knowledge and training advances, the depth of treatment in each branch also increases. We also started implant applications since 1994.

In 2003, we integrated dental laser systems into clinical study systems as a pioneer not only in Turkey but also in the world. Since 2004, we have started smile design and laminated veneer applications. Since 2009, we have implemented the immediately fixed (Fast & Fixed and All on Four) systems, which are applied as soon as the teeth are extracted, again as a pioneer. Since 2010, we have realized the use of 3D imaging systems (Dental Volumetric Tomography) in all advanced cases in our clinics. In 2016, we started the applications of intraoral digital imaging systems, Digital Smile Design.

Medicadent contributes vastly to dental education, since from 2007 for 6 years as the Turkish partner of Aachen University’s Mastership certificates Training partner, since 2010 to the present as the IFZI (International German Implant Training Academy) training partner (www.ifzi.de), since 2012 as the Global Training partner of the Dental Association (www.global.org.tr), since 2016 as the training partner of Laser and Health Academy (www.laserandhealthacademy.com), and since 2020 as the training partner of Optimum Dent Academy (www.dent.academy).

Medicadent family is well aware that professional knowledge and love for the profession grows and gains meaning when shared.

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