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Computerized local anesthesia (The Wand)

Finally children's teeth treatment without fears
Children have delicate gums and jaws. To handle their dental care, an expert pedodontist is required who can gently manage these tiny lads. Since children up to 12 months have progressive jaws, it is advisable to visit a reliable children dentistryclinic just to confirm that the development is normal. Also among young children, regular teeth check-up is greatly essential so that they learn appropriate dental care.
However children always refer any kind of teeth treatment a painful torture. They always fear to visit a dentist no matter how friendly he is. What a young kid wants is a painless treatment apart from a friendly doctor. Kids must enjoy a children dentistry’s services to such an extent they do not hesitate on their second visit.
Anesthetic injection is the daily routine of every dental clinic. Patients already know that treatment under local anesthesia is painless. However, multiple surveys worldwide show, that the majority of patients (especially children) are afraid of injection itself and feels discomfort during it.

The new technique which Prevents the development of phobia in children, as they do not experience pain or discomfort during their first dental treatments

While traditional syringe techniques use high pressure injection that results in pain, discomfort, and tissue damage, The Wand utilizes an electro-mechanical motor regulated by a central processor unit (CPU) and a pressure transducer, resulting in the patient having no collateral numbness and no pain, along with instant, predictable anesthesia.

Don’t kids deserve a perfect smile too?

Anterior Restorations - The intrusive luxation or avulsion of the front teeth in children creates psychological impact to both the parents and the child. The majority of fracture or displacements results from sports activities or domestic accidents. With anterior restorations the smile of the patient can be brought back.


Endodontic treatments are necessary when the nerve of the tooth are affected by decay or some sort of damage. The pulp houses the nerve, blood vessels that supply oxygen and nutrients for the tooth to stay healthy. Endodontic treatment is performed essentially to save the tooth.


The means by which the dental health team effectively and efficiently performs treatment for a child and at the same time installs a positive dental attitude. At our clinic we strive best to inculcate this attitude in your child.


One of the most common forms of dental phobia is a fear of needles and injections. The aim of the Wand is to remove the pain from injections. The flow of anaesthetic is computer controlled by the wand. The wand helps ease the fear and help the kids to relax.


Is a prophylactic approach for the molars and the premolars as they have grooves and pits that cannot be cleaned by tooth brushing so a plastic coating can be applied to prevent decay.


There is constant demineralization and remineralisation due to oral and dietary habits. Tooth decay happens when there is no balance and tooth decay happens. Fluoride application is an in-office technique wherein we help prevent the tooth for decaying.


Having regular dental check-ups from as early as 6 to 12 months of age are as important for children as they are for adults.

HABITS Thumb sucking habits, bottle milk, using pacifiers can all harm your child’s teeth. Regular check-ups with the dentist can warn you and prevent your child’s dentition.


The best way to make your child comfortable on the dental chair is by introducing them to a dentist at a very young age. This ways his or her first contact with the dental clinic won’t be for a painful tooth condition.

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